• About ICANZ

    ICANZ helps New Zealanders to adopt children from other countries who have no parental care. We are accredited by the NZ Ministry of Social Development to assist with the placement of children into approved NZ families.
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  • Where to start

    Prospective adoptive parents must first undergo an approval process by AFS or CYF. Then ICANZ can help you adopt overseas.
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  • India

    We can help approved NZ couples and single women to adopt a child from India.
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  • Philippines

    We can help approved NZ couples and singles to adopt a child or a group of siblings in the Philippines.
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Can you be the special family for an orphaned or abandoned child?

Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand (known as "I-CANZ") is an accredited not-for-profit, charitable organisation, which specializes in helping orphaned or abandoned children find families in New Zealand.  Adopting a child into your family is one way to bring hope to children who are without a parent's care, living in orphanages overseas. You can also help by supporting the work of ICANZ, or helping support children who remain in orphanages.

We've been around a long time; since 1989. That means we've developed the kind of experience and problem-solving skills that are essential in navigating the complex world of inter-country adoption today. We're proud to have placed nearly 1,000 orphaned and abandoned children in approved homes throughout the New Zealand.

Families hoping to adopt children from abroad should be flexible and open to learning about a new world and a different way of life, as well as recognizing the unique value of every little child, with whatever background they have. We've helped many parents through the adoption maze and can be your partner in adoption as well. The programmes are ever changing, so we encourage you to contact us to receive the most current information.

If you're not seeking to adopt but would love to help children find families in New Zealand, we value your donation to help us with our work.