When should I register for adoption with ICANZ?

Just want information?

1Trying to decide whether to adopt? or which country to apply for?

To help you decide if adoption is for you, or to decide which country, we provide an information pack on each country. This is available free to genuine enquirers. Following this, if you just have a short query, there's no need to register or pre-register, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Want a Personal Consultation?

Need a half hour or one hour face to face consultation to discuss your personal situation and country options that might be open to you?

This is available free to those who are pre-registered, or for a fee of $50/half hour for those not pre-registered. Contact the ICANZ Office to make an appointment.

Ready to commit to adoption via ICANZ?

You have a choice of pre-registration or full registration.


Pre-registration is for those who are committed to adoption via ICANZ and are just starting the preparation/assessment/homestudy process. The $460 fee (incl GST)  pays for our staff time in providing you with information on an ongoing basis, developing information packs for you, and administration costs. For Thailand, it ensures a place is kept for you on our programme.

For some countries we need to limit to the numbers of prospective parents we can help to adopt each year, to keep waiting times reasonable. For other countries it helps to know in advance how many prospective parents wish to adopt, so we can have staff available to process your application quickly and to carry out the required post placement reports. Pre-Registration places you in the queue with ICANZ, to ensure we will have room to accept and process your application, once you receive approval and a homestudy. Providing some key facts about your situation via our pre-registration system enables us to review these with you, to ensure you are working towards a realistic goal and likely to meet criteria. When you complete the pre-registration process, we will send you the information pack on your country of choice and add you to our data base to keep you up to date with any changes that occur while you work through the assessment process with AFS or CYF. We can also chat with you about waiting children programmes. NOTE - ICANZ is a separate organisation from AFS and CYF and registration with ICANZ does not influence the approval process with AFS or CYF in any way.

Thailand – ICANZ limits the number of applications we accept to about 10-12/year. Pre-Registration is essential if you wish to be certain we will have space for your application. We will hold your pre-registration open for 12 months, and longer if you contact us to let us know you are still working towards your homestudy report. Pre-Registration is independent of the AFS or CYF approval process and does not influence approval in any way. ICANZ currently has space for pre-registration. All other countries - Pre-Registration is advisable for Philippines, Lithuania and India, but not required.

What are the benefits?

1. Although there may be no limit to the number of people we can help to adopt in some countries, pre-registration enables us to schedule our staff in NZ and overseas to be ready to deal quickly with your application and enables our staff to commit time to answering your questions during the early stages before you complete full registration with ICANZ. It helps us manage our workload and helps your adoption proceed more quickly.

2. We'll review the details you give us, tell you if you meet our programme criteria right now and if you're likely to still meet the criteria by the time you're approved. (Note - this is separate from meeting AFS or CYF suitability criteria for approval to adopt).

3. We'll contact you if we make any changes to the criteria or if the process changes while you're undergoing AFS or CYF assessment, so you won't get to the end of that stage only to find you no longer meet the criteria, or we don't have room for you in the programme.

4. Pre-registration gives you access to secure areas of our website specific to the country you're pre-registered for. This area provides very useful information while you are preparing for adoption, keeping you up to date with how adoptions are progressing, any changes to the process and more details on some parts of the process. It is confidential to those who have pre-registered or registered. Pre-register on-line here.  The pre-registration fee $460 Incl GST, is an administration fee and non-refundable. It is transferable to another country if you change countries. $200 is deducted from your full registration if you register within one year.

Pre-registration is valid for ONE YEAR but we will extend it (no cost) if you simply tell us you're still intending to adopt with ICANZ and are still completing a home study report at the end of the twelve month period. We'll contact you by email, but if we don't hear from you after a year, we'll assume you've decided on a different course and will discontinue your pre-registration.

Full registrationAnchor

If you know your AFS or CYF social worker has approved you as adoptive applicants, you can skip pre-registration - it's time to complete This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so we can begin your document dossier, ready to apply to the overseas country as soon as we receive your homestudy report directly from the NZCA.

Email us for the registration form and contract for the adoption programme of your choice. Once you register, we'll begin your document dossier ready to send this off overseas.