Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand

AGM and Annual Report 2019

Notice to Members

The Annual General Meeting of Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand Inc. (ICANZ) will be held at 107 Great South Road, Epsom, Auckland 1051, at 7-30 pm on Monday 16th December 2019. Please advise the ICANZ office by email if you wish to attend.


1.Directors annual report. Read the ICANZ Annual report (includes accounts) here - ICANZ Annual Report 2019

2.Annual accounts.

3.Board elections.

4.General business.

Election of Officers :
Any member of ICANZ who wishes to nominate someone to the Board, or wishes to offer their own services as a Board member should notify the ICANZ Board via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the ICANZ office on 09 623 9369. A brief resume should be provided. Board meetings are held every second month on Monday evenings, typically the 3rd Monday of the month. Some Board members attend the meetings by Skype, others attend in person.

Board members should have skills, knowledge and experience to assist with some area of the governance of the activities of ICANZ and support the principle of the paramountcy of the child. Being a Board member is a voluntary role.

 Skills that are particularly helpful for Board members of an adoption organisation include

  • accounting skills or financial management
  • graphic design or website design skills,
  • child welfare skills eg social work, psychology, teaching or child welfare involvement,
  • medical expertise,  
  • fundraising, promotional or media work, event management,
  • legal skills,
  • business management,
  • previous board involvement.

 Board members may be adoptive parents, or members of the public with an interest in the welfare of orphan children, who support ICANZ’s philosophy. It is not possible to be a Board member while currently carrying out an adoption.

 If you are willing to donate your time and professional skills to work with the ICANZ Board, please contact ICANZ. We’d love to have you involved.