Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand

Home Study Report

After you've attended the Adoption Education/Preparation course with either Adoption First Steps (AFS) OR  Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children (formerly CYF) completed police checks, medical reports, referee reports, financial situation checks, several social worker interviews and sometimes a psychological assessment, your assessment agency social worker will write a Home Study Report that reflects the social worker's findings gathered during your interviews and from other reports.

The Home Study Report is written in a specific way for specific countries (eg homestudies for Indian adoption), but in general it will cover the following topics.

  • Personal details and Family background

  • Education/employment

  • Finances, ability to care for child, finance adoption and meet travel requirements and take time off work to build attachments to child

  • Health

  • Personalities 

  • Marriage/Relationships, stability, ability to form attachments

  • Recreational interests

  • Previous Experience with Children

  • Accommodation and Neighborhood

  • Religion and values

  • Reasons/motive for adoption

  • Characterisics of child applicant seeks to adopt - age range, single child or siblings, country, range of medical conditions

  • Education and Preparation for Adoption

  • Attitudes to Adoption

  • Attachment - ability to form own attachments, understanding of child attachment formation

  • Current knowledge of the child's culture of origin, contacts with persons of that culture in NZ, willingness to learn very basic words in child's language

  • Attitudes to the child's need for identity, future search, contact with birth parents and country, understanding of the challenges of trans-racial adoption

  • Child Rearing Plans, plans for education, child care when sick, during holidays, understanding of time required to form attachment with child and ability to do this

  • Testamentary Guardians

  • Approval/recommendation- includes the age range and number of children for which the applicant is recommended.

NOTE - ICANZ does not provide an assessment and Home Study Report service. More detail on this process must be obtained from your chosen Home Study Report provider, AFS or Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children (formerly CYF)

You'll need to contact Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children (formerly CYF) to find our more about how they assesses adoptive applicants. See the AFS website for details on their process.