Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are we eligible to adopt inter-country? +

    ICANZ can assist you through our programmes if:1. You are permanent residents of New Zealand, and2. You receive a positive, supportive home study report from the New Zealand Central Authority for Adoption, following an adoption education course and assessment by AFS or the OTMFC.3. You understand the effects of institutionalisation on children and are prepared to accept and work with a needy child of an appropriate age. 4. You meet the requirements of the country you wish to adopt from.NOTE - Each adoption is viewed individually. Adoption requirements are sometimes flexible if you are applying for older children, sibling groups of three or more children from one family, those with medical needs, or if you have cultural heritage that matches the child's culture. Other conditions may apply in your particular case, so we strongly recommend you talk to us before progressing too far.
  • Must I already have links to the culture or country I wish to adopt from? +

    No, although in some countries this may give you priority. ICANZ helps all New Zealanders, of any ethnicity, religious or cultural background to adopt children from overseas, so long as you meet the requirements of the child's country. You do need to learn to provide familiar food for the first year and to speak a few familiar phrases. You need to commit to encouraging your child to respect their heritage while growing up as a New Zealander. There are many resources to help you build your child's pride in his heritage.
  • What is the first step? +

    After checking the requirements for your country of choice, the first formal step is to undertake adoption education/preparation courses and be approved as an adoptive family. You have a choice of two routes for this -1. Adoption First Steps OR 2. Oranga Tamariki Ministry For Children. You may also wish to complete a pre-application with ICANZ or ask ICANZ for more information on countries you are interested in. We have detailed information packs we supply to those seriously interested in adoption. We are also happy to talk with you, as most of our staff and board are adoptive parents and understand the questions you will have.
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