Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand

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*Required information.
Name of prospective adoptive mother * Full name of prospective female adopter as on passport
Name of prospective adoptive father (if applicable) Full name of husband as on passport, if you are a couple
Address * Enter your address with postcode
Email * Enter an email address we can contact you on
Telephone * Enter a mobile or landline phone we can contact you on
Marital status * Some countries require you to be married.
Date of birth Prospective adoptive mother * Countries have age requirements.
Date of birth Prospective adoptive father (if applicable)
Does either parent have a medical condition? * If yes, please contact ICANZ via the comments box at the end, or by separate email
Do you already have children? * Some countries have limits on family size
If you have children, what are their ages? List the ages of your children. This may determine whether you can apply to some countries, or for what age child
Country of choice * Select the country you wish to pre-register for. You can only pre-register for one country, but you can change this later if necessary by contacting the ICANZ Office.
If you are applying to adopt in India, will you apply as - This affects the age/characteristics of children you can apply for. Without this OCI card even if you consider yourself to be Indian by ethnicity, your application will be treated as a foreign application. See the Indian High Commission website for eligibility.
How many children do you wish to adopt at this time? *
What ages of child might you apply to adopt? *
Would you consider accepting a child with some medical needs? *
Which Home Study Agency do you intend to use? * There is a choice of two agencies to provide adoption education, assessment, approval and a written Home Study Report.
Where are you up to in the process? * This gives us an idea of likely timeframes
Payment method for $230 fee *
Payment date *
Comments Anything you want to ask? anything that might impact on your approval?

For some countries we limit the numbers of prospective parents we help to adopt each year, to keep waiting times reasonable. For other countries we need to know in advance how many prospective parents wish to adopt, so we can have staff available to process your application quickly and to carry out the required post placement reports. Pre-registration places you in the queue with ICANZ, to ensure we will have room for your application and enables our staff to devote time to communicating with you about the programme, to keep you informed about any changes to the programme.

You can complete full registration with ICANZ to begin an adoption once you receive approval from AFS or MVCOT. If you already have this, contact ICANZ to move straight to full registration.

Internet banking to the ICANZ bank account:
12 3077 0357634 00
Please add your name and country of choice on the transaction, with reference 'PreReg'. 
Cheque payments - Please make your cheque payable to ICANZ and post it with a copy of this form to:
ICANZ, PO Box 62-660, Greenlane, Auckland 1546
Email for any queries.