Indian Adoption Regulations, 2017, Article 44. Root search.-
(1) In case of an orphan or abandoned child, information about his adoption, including the source and circumstances in which the child was admitted into the Specialised Adoption Agency, as well as the process followed for his adoption, may be disclosed to theadoptee by the Specialised Adoption Agency or the Child Welfare Committee, as the case may be.
(2 )In cases of root search by older adoptees, the agencies or authorities concerned (Authorised Foreign Adoption Agency, Central Authority, Indian diplomatic mission, Authority, State Adoption Resource Agency or District Child Protection Unit or Specialised Adoption Agency), whenever contacted by any adoptee, shall facilitate his root search.
(3) Persons above eighteen years can apply independently online while children below eighteen years shall apply jointly with their adoptive parents to the Authority seeking facilitation of root search.
(4) If the biological parents, at the time of surrender of the child, have specifically requested anonymity, then the consent in writing of the biological parent(s) shall be taken by the Specialised Adoption Agency or Child Welfare Committee, as the case may be, before divulging information.
(5) In case of denial by the biological parents or the parents are not traceable in surrendered cases, the reasons and the circumstances under which the information is not being made available shall be disclosed to the adoptee.
(6) A root search by a third party shall not be permitted and the agencies or authorities concerned shall not make any information public relating to biological parents, adoptive parents or adopted child.
(7) The right of an adopted child shall not infringe the right to privacy of the biological parents.