1. Dipsomania F10                                                                              

2. Drug addiction (absence of steady remission)     F11.2, F12.2, F13.2, F14.2. F15.2, F16.2, F18.2, F19.2                                      

3. Mental diseases F00-F09, F20-F29, F30-F39, F40-F48, F50-F59, F60-F69, F70-F79, F99                                                 

4. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease B20-B24                        

5. HIV carrier     Z21                                                                              

6. Pulmonary tuberculosis  A15 when tuberculosis micro-bacteria are emitted.

7. Chronic kidney insufficiency N18 when dialysis is required.                 

8. Alzheimer's disease. G63                                                                  

9. Huntington's chorea. G10                                                                

10. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. G12.2                                               

11. Epilepsy G40 with mental and personality changes.                           

12. Multi-degeneration G90.30                                                                

13. Oncological diseases third, fourth stage.