The following requirements were set by ICAB (The Inter Country Adoption Board of the Philippines) for health and psychological health:

Effective November 1, 2009, families will not be accepted for the Philippine adoption program who have the following medical and psychological issues (Note there may be some reconsideration of these requirements when applicants are applying for a child from the Special Home Finders Programme):

List of unacceptable medical issues:
1.    Diabetes Mellitus where it is regarded as "complicated diabetes", or "Metabolic Syndrome"
2.    Obese (BMI of PAPs should be 35 and below)
3.    Cancer
4.    Kidney transplant  and any major transplant (heart, lung, liver)
5.    Pacemaker/stroke/myocardial infarction
6.    Multiple sclerosis and other degenerative muscular disorder
7.    Autoimmune disorders
8.    Risk factors that will impede care for the child (e.g. blind, deaf, wheelchair bound)
9.    Hepatitis C

List of unacceptable psychological issues:
1.    Psychiatric disorders
2.    Mood disorders/major depressive disorders
3.    Anxiety disorders
4.    Substance use disorders
5.    Sexual disorders

ICAB requires that all applicants to be adoptive parents to a Filipino child seek a full psychological evaluation from a competent practitioner (ie a currently registered clinical psychologist). If you are registered or pre-registered with ICANZ you can access details on the requirements for the psychogist report on the members' only page or by asking ICANZ to email this to you.