Adoption From Lithuania - Waiting List Children

ICANZ, as an authorised adoption agency for Lithuania, is authorised to access the list of "waiting" or "special focus" children. Children may be put on the list for the following reasons:

  • Children older than 9 years of age, as individual children or with one or more younger siblings;
  • A sibling group of at least three of any age who are referred for adoption together; typically the oldest child is over 8 or 9;
  • Children who are close to siblings who do not agree to be adopted or who cannot be adopted together, that require on-going contact via telephone, email, occasional visits;
  • Children with a moderately serious medical condition, certified by a health certificate issued by a medical institution and a certificate filled in by the child’s guardian.
Adoption from the Philippines- Special Home Finders Programme
  • Older children whose age range is from 8 - 15 years old
  • Children belonging to a sibling group of 3 or more
  • Children found positive of Hepatitis B or HIV
  • Children with medical conditions (severe cleft lip/palate, half or total blindness, hearing impaired, mild cerebral palsy, etc.) developmental delays (language/speech, motor skills, etc.)

Information on children in this programme is sent to accredited bodies such as ICANZ for the Special Home Finding Programme.

Adoption From India - Special Needs Classification

Category 1: Older children - Immediate placement children are typically 9 years and older

Category 2: Low Birth weight - if a child is at this time is severely delayed according to the panel of pediatrician, the child may be listed as “special needs”.

Category 3: Obvious visual conditions and serious medical conditions

Category 4: Siblings- usually with the oldest over 8 years.

Adoption from Thailand, Waiting Children

Children may be older, have a number of siblings, or have medical or developmental conditions. Discuss this with ICANZ first. Any applicant for Thai adoption who already has two or more children may only apply for "waiting" or "special needs" children.